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Glitter and Sparkle Cover Reveal

Happy Saturday, all!

The release date for Glitter and Sparkle has been set for March 18th. The pre-order is live on Amazon now, and you can check it out here.

For all my paperback lovin’ friends, I’m excited to let you know that this one will be available in paperback by the Kindle release. In fact, all of my previously published books will have paperback editions by the end of February.

So who’s ready for the cover reveal? Here it is! Can I tell you how much I love it? Well, I’m gonna. I love it.


Lauren’s senior year is going exactly as planned. Her craft blog is getting more visitors every day, and she knows exactly what she’s going to do with her life after graduation: get her associate’s degree, marry someone fabulous, and live happily ever after.

Sure, she doesn’t know what she’s going to get that degree in…and there’s no Prince Charming on the horizon yet. But, still, that’s the plan.

At least, it is until Harrison Neeley shows up at her kitchen table one evening and derails everything…


2 thoughts on “Glitter and Sparkle Cover Reveal”

  1. I can’t wait! So excite to read anything you write. I get crazy that way. One author all the books then move on to the next great book adventure.


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