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Mandatory Monday – What I’m Lovin’ This Week


Mandatory Monday is a weekly blog post that was originally inspired by the release of Just the Essentials.  Every Monday, I’ll share some of the things I’m loving in the current week!

It’s January 18th, and I think things are finally back to normal after Christmas. It’s still a little crazier than I would like, but that’s just the way this season of our life is going to go. And that’s okay.

So I’m going to jump right in with today’s list!

  • Keurig  K45– I got one for Christmas from my mother, and seriously–seriously–I have no idea how I possibly lived without one. Okay, I do know. I made a pot of coffee in the morning. But the thing is, I usually wasted some of it. And then I’d make another in the afternoon, and then I’d inevitably waste some of that. And then I’d make a pot in the evening, and…you’re getting the point, right? There’s no wasted coffee with the Keurig, and it’s not any more expensive because of the next thing on my list…
  •  Solopod K4 Filter – It’s a filter that fits right into the K-Cup holder. I found it at Kohls for 14.99 (though they don’t have it online), and with my ten dollars of Kohl’s cash I got while Christmas shopping, I was able to pick it up for five bucks. That’s, like, half the price of one pack of K-Cups. And the best part? I can use my loose decaf coffee. Do you know how many varietites of decaf K-Cups there are around here? I found one at the grocery store we usually shop at. ONE. And Starbucks doesn’t even make K-Cups in the decaf Cafe Verona roast that I like (at least not that I’ve found online). So, yes, I’m super happy with my filter. This one’s pretty cool because it has a strength adjuster, and it’s really easy to clean.
  •  HP Envy – I got a new laptop, guys. Not for Christmas, just because I desperately needed one. I wrote four and a half books on my last one, and the screen was so cracked, I had to move the windows around on the computer to see them. You should see the looks I got when people saw it. I had to keep it hidden away out of embarassment. That, and it wouldn’t stay charged if it wasn’t plugged in constantly. This one was on clearance, which was such a blessing because it had everything I needed, but it was about $250.00 cheaper than what we thought we’d have to go with. The guys at Best Buy assured me this one will run Photoshop just fine, and so far, it’s done great.
  • Scrivener – I don’t think I’ve mentioned this program on my Mandatory Monday posts, which is crazy. I use it every single day. In fact, I honestly believe I would have never completed Pippa of Lauramore if I hadn’t switched from Word. This is the best writing program ever. Ever. It’s only forty dollars, and you can get a free month trial. It’s so worth the time it takes to learn it. It’s not difficult–it’s really not. But it might feel a little foreign at first. There are some great online tutorials out there, too. If you’re a writer, or you want to be a writer, I strongly recommend you looking into this program.

*These are my honest opinions, and I’m not getting paid to review any of these products.*

That’s it for today! I’ll be back later this week to give you all an update on how the next few books are coming along. For my Eldentimber fans out there, you will be relieved to know that Glitter and Sparkle did it’s job–I’m refreshed and ready to get back to Rosie of the Wandering Gypsies. In fact, I’ve already started! More on all that soon.

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