As You Wish

About a month ago, we took the Eldentimber series out of Kindle Unlimited so it could be distributed to all the major ebook retailers. It was our hope to spread the series wide and give everyone a chance to read it.

But after receiving numerous emails asking me to return Eldentimber to KU, we realized going wide wasn’t what was best for you guys, my readers.

You asked; we listened. Just this morning, we returned Eldentimber to Kindle Unlimited. With the exception of Pippa of Lauramore (which is free), you can once again borrow the main books on Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “As You Wish”

  1. I read this series using KU, and recently wanted to re-read it. I saw it wasn’t on KU any more, but enjoyed it so much I purchased most of the series. I’ll enjoy reading it again in the future.


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