Grace of Vernow


Newsletter Exclusive!

Pippa, Archer, and Lionel return in this short prequel to Pippa of Lauramore.

The story before the tournament…

Grace is a smart girl with one unwise weakness: she is in love with Lionel, the Crown Prince of Vernow. She clings to the memory of her friend from childhood, but Lionel has grown up. He’s no longer the quiet, shy boy who had all the time in the world for the librarian’s assistant.

When Grace meets Javid, a handsome scholar who may be more than he lets on, she believes she might finally be able to let go of the love she holds for Lionel. But when Lionel feels her pulling away, he doesn’t know if he’s ready to say goodbye.

Filled with new love and new friendships, hard decisions, and unexpected possibilities–this novelette is sure to please readers dying for just a little more Eldentimber.

6 thoughts on “Grace of Vernow”

    1. HI! I would it be possible to fet a copy of Grace’s book? I am signed up for your newsletter but have not recieved a copy.


      1. Hi Anna,

        We can take care of that for you! Go ahead and send me a message through my “Contact Me” page here on the website. Include the email address you subscribed with. After my team verifies that you’re on the list, we’ll directly send you a link.

        Thank you!



  1. Hi! I’m head over heels for your novels! I’m looking for a link to download Grace of Vernow. The link above is sending me Fire and Feathers….which I also want to read eventually 😉. Can you help me out?


    1. Yep, I’m happy to help! Grace of Vernow is available for free to my newsletter subscribers. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can head to the tab on my website that says, “Newsletter and Free Novelette.” From there, sign up for my fantasy list. You’ll get Fire & Feathers, Grace of Vernow, and several other fun extras in the welcome email after you’ve subscribed. They all come at once.

      If you’ve already subscribed, and you can’t access Grace of Vernow, please go to the “Contact Me” tab and send me a message so I can troubleshoot for you!


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