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An ongoing, ever-changing collection of tales for readers who like their fantasy sweet and clean. Enjoy romance, fairy tale retellings, dragons, adventure, and more.

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Killing her will bring gold and glory. Saving her will bring death and dishonor.

A knight as well as a dragon-rider, Jackson dreams of being a paladin adept in the arts of swords and magic. But on a visit to London, he meets a friend who gives him a menial task–to teleport an orphaned girl to her family in Otherworld. Stumbling into a bog of injustice, his life gets more daunting when he discovers a well-guarded secret that could change the world.

Now with the Witch Hunt on, he needs to make daring choices between honor and justice, knighthood and treason–and above all, love and life. 
Will Jack survive the Hunt? And if he does, will he remain the same?

The Hunt has begun, and so have the wars of steel and magic.

Sweet Fantasy Instafreebie Giveaway FAQs for readers and authors:

  • How long will the giveaway run? At this time, I plan to keep it going indefinitely. Authors will come and go, adding new titles and removing old ones as they wish. Basically, if you see something you like, pick it up right away, because it might not be there when you come back.
  • How are the books chosen? All authors are welcome to join the giveaway as long as their titles are clean and in the sweet fantasy genre. We have new authors and seasoned authors, fairy tale retellings, sweet contemporary fantasy…all kinds of good stuff. It is my hope that my readers will find new favorites, and I’m all for giving new authors a boost.
  • Have you read all the books? Nope, I have not. I have, however, stipulated that books must be considered clean (little to no profanity and no on-page bedroom scenes). If you encounter content you find questionable, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will review the book, and if I feel it’s necessary, I will remove it from the giveaway.
  • I’m an author. How do I join? Contact me, and I will respond with details.