Audette of Brookraven

Prince Irving of Primewood has finally met his match. Unfortunately, she wants nothing to do with him. 

When Audette pictured her wedding day, she never imagined leaving her intended at the altar. And though Irving, a prince with a reputation for trouble, never cared to picture the grand event (and had rather hoped he could avoid it altogether), he certainly wouldn’t have imagined being abandoned.

But when Audette receives a cry for help from the mysterious, secret order she leads, the princess doesn’t think twice about jilting Irving. With her brother and closest friend at her side, and her loyal order of knights anxiously awaiting her arrival, Audette travels to the distant island kingdom of Ptarma, not once expecting Irving to follow her.

But that’s exactly what he does.

Now, trapped together until the ships sail again in spring, Audette must learn to get along with the infuriating prince if she’s to track down the darkness that’s wreaking havoc in the night. Because in the shadows, a beast of legend looms, and they’ll only be able to defeat it if they work together…