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  • The Midnight Fae: Royal Fae of the Sionna Court Prequel Novelette (Royal Fae Series)
  • Fire and Feathers: Prequel to Moss Forest Orchid (Silver & Orchids Series)
  • Grace of Vernow: An Eldentimber Novelette (Eldentimber Series)
  • Ayan’s Story: A Crown & Crest Short (Crown & Crest Series)
  • Genevieve of Dragon Ridge Bonus Chapter (Eldentimber Series)
  • Silver & Orchids Short Story (Silver & Orchids Series)
  • Interview with Avery & Lucia (Silver & Orchids Series)

Crown and Crest World Guide Includes:

  • In-depth Character Info
  • Overview of the Races of Caldenbauer
  • Creature Encyclopedia
  • Description of Regions
  • Military Class and Rank
  • Caldenbauer’s Ranking System
  • History of Caldenbauer
  • Months of the Year
  • Glossary
  • Maps & Regional Scenes

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  1. I found “Fire & Feathers” on amazon but nothing about “The Assembly”… any particular reason? It might not be out yet, right? I didn’t read anything about it on your blog posts…


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