A Bear’s Bride is Available!

Hello, hello! I know it's been a while since I posted, and I thank you for your patience. After some much-needed time off in December, I leaped right into my 2018 writing projects.  January and the beginning of February went by in a bit of a blur, but I think things are finally starting to… Continue reading A Bear’s Bride is Available!


Coming Soon: Entwined Tales

If you've been keeping tabs on the Current Projects page of my website, you'll have noticed a project labeled "Secret Project of Awesomeness." Well, guess what--today, I'm doing the big reveal! Here are the details: What is the secret project? Entwined Tales Six Authors. Six Fairy Tales. One Enchanting World. Length: Novellas  (25k+ words) Who… Continue reading Coming Soon: Entwined Tales


Interview with A.J. Antony

Good afternoon, everyone! Today I get to introduce you to A.J. Antony, the author of the highly entertaining Jackson Kross and the Dragon Girl--our Sweet Fantasy Instafreebie Giveaway Book of the Month. Before we begin, I want to tell you all how much my husband loved this book. He devoured it. If you or a… Continue reading Interview with A.J. Antony


What’s Next?

Happy Friday, everyone! Lily of the Desert went live yesterday, and I want to thank you all for an amazing release. It's currently hanging out at #1 in the Girls and Women category, and it's sporting a fun, orange bestseller tag! Thank you so much, guys. You made that happen! Now that the Silver &… Continue reading What’s Next?


Sweet Fantasy Featured Book of the Month – Author Interview with A. G. Marshall

Good evening, everyone! Happy November! I am excited to introduce Angela Marshall to you all today. She is the author of The Princess and the Pea, our first featured book in the ongoing Sweet Fantasy Instafreebie giveaway.  She's here to tell us a little about her writing, the people who inspired her when she was… Continue reading Sweet Fantasy Featured Book of the Month – Author Interview with A. G. Marshall


As You Wish

About a month ago, we took the Eldentimber series out of Kindle Unlimited so it could be distributed to all the major ebook retailers. It was our hope to spread the series wide and give everyone a chance to read it. But after receiving numerous emails asking me to return Eldentimber to KU, we realized… Continue reading As You Wish


Sweet Fantasy Instafreebie Giveaway

An ongoing, ever-changing collection of tales for readers who like their fantasy sweet and clean. Enjoy romance, fairy tale retellings, dragons, adventure, and more. Good morning, everyone! I am so excited because today I get to share a project with you that I've been planning for a long time. So, without further ado, I present… Continue reading Sweet Fantasy Instafreebie Giveaway


A Few New Fairy Tale Retellings on Amazon

September has been a great month for fairy tale retellings. Today, I'm going to share a few with you I think you'll enjoy! The first two are from authors I bet you're familiar with, but the last is written by a new up-and-comer! (This page includes Amazon Associate links. When you click the links, I earn… Continue reading A Few New Fairy Tale Retellings on Amazon


Update – Creativity Amongst the Chaos

Happy Friday, everyone! Recently, I wrote a few posts about things I struggle with (that maybe some of you struggle with too). In the first, Creativity Amongst the Chaos, I talked about trying to cut down on the clutter in my life, and in Don't Forget to Do What You Love, I talked about how important… Continue reading Update – Creativity Amongst the Chaos