Current Projects

Updated 04/28/23

The Disgraced Fae

  • Release: Summer 2023
  • Series: Royal Fae of Rose Briar Woods
  • Genre: Fantasy Romance

Details: There was enough interest in Drake’s book, we were able to bump it up! We’re hoping for a July release!

Untitled Romantic Fantasy Adventure

  • Release: Late 2023
  • Genre: Romantic Fantasy Adventure

Details: This is a secret project I’m working on, and I can’t give you any details yet. But it’s awesome, and I can’t wait to share it with you! I’m hoping to write all the books before we start publishing so you don’t have to wait as long between releases. If all goes as planned, the first will be out in November!

The Vampire Hunter and the Heiress

Writing with Jake Andrews

  • Release: September 2023
  • Series: Chronicles of G.H.O.S.T.
  • Genre: Romantic Fantasy Adventure

Details: Jake and I are working on another project! This one is a collection of connected standalones with autumn vibes. We’ll release one every September until the series is complete!

2024 and Beyond

Want to take a peek at my other projects that are still in the early planning stages? Check out my Pinterest! I’m making boards for future series. I can’t give you details yet, but it will give you a fun idea of what’s coming!