Book Soundtracks

You know that moment when you finish a movie and that first song in the credits rolls, and it’s just perfect?

Well, to me, these songs sum up each of these stories perfectly. They’re the songs I can imagine in the credits–if there were such a thing in a book. Many of them I found after I’d written the story, and it just resonated. Some I listened to while I was writing.

Forgive me for my eclectic taste in music. I’m not endorsing the artists or any of the shows, and I’m not affiliated or associated with them in any way—I just like the songs.

I originally linked to Spotify, but several people had trouble getting it to work, so now I just have a list, and you can look them up on your favorite music service. 

Obsidian Queen

Guild of Secrets

This Feeling—The Chainsmokers (featuring Kelsea Ballerini)

Princess of Shadows

Just a Kiss—Lady Antebellum

Knights of Obsidian

Incomplete—Backstreet Boys

Can’t Forget You—My Darkest Days

Creatures of Midnight

What About Now—Westlife

Queen of Aparia

Fight Song—Rachel Platten

Traitor of the Entitled: An Obsidian Queen Novella

You Did—Renee Blair

Royal Fae of Rose Briar Woods

The Masked Fae

Something—Kang Daniel 

The Gilded Fae

 I Was Made For Loving You—Madilyn

Crown and Crest

Knight from the Ashes

G.O.A.T.—Theory of a Deadman 

Forged in Cursed Flames

Not Strong Enough—Apocalyptica

Fall of the Ember Throne

Get it Right—Glee Cast 

Rise of the Phoenix King


The Riven Kingdoms

Because this book series is an ongoing story, I’ve decided to split the songs into couples instead of books.

Rhys & Amalia

Can You See My Heart—Heize

(This song was on my playlist while I was writing, and every time it came up, I knew it was their song. I looked up the English lyrics, and they fit surprisingly well!)

Cassia & Braeton

Wanted—Hunter Hayes

Seraphina & Aeron

It’s You—Henry

Fairy Tale Kingdoms

The Sorceress in Training:

You are the Reason—Calum Scott & Leona Lewis

The Queen of Gold and Straw

Never Alone—Jesse Bonanno

The Marquise and Her Cat

Once in a Lifetime–Landon Austin

Silver & Orchids

I’ll Stand By You—Glee Cast

Weird choice, I know. But just listen to it and tell me it’s not Lucia and Avery—especially in Greybrow Serpent. I don’t have a song for each book for this series because this one was really in my head. I had it in my random listening playlist, and every time it came on it just clicked.


Pippa of Lauramore:

After You—Meghan Trainor

(This one is a lot newer than the book, but it just fits. I got goosebumps the first time I listened to it!)

Anwen of Primewood:

No More Heroes—Westlife

Seirsha of Errinton

On a Night Like This—Dave Barnes

Audette of Brookraven

Close Your Eyes—Michael Bublé

Elodie of the Sea

Near to You—A Fine Frenzy

Genevieve of Dragon Ridge

Legends—Kelsea Ballerina 


Just the Essentials

I Just Want You—Cole Swindell

(A big thanks to ZA for submitting the song for my theme song game!)

If the Summer Lasted Forever

Best Thing I Got—Sabrina Carpenter

Glitter & Sparkle Series

Glitter & Sparkle


(Thank you, Nellemb, for finding the perfect song!)

Shine & Shimmer

One Call Away—Charlie Puth

Sugar & Spice

Fallin’ For You—Colbie Caillat

27 Ways Series

27 Ways to Find a Boyfriend

What Ifs—Kane Brown (featuring Lauren Alaina)

27 Ways to Mend His Broken Heart

Kiss Somebody—Morgan Evans

10 Ways to Survive Christmas with Your Ex

What if I Never Get Over You—Lady Antebellum