Genevieve of Dragon Ridge

A tale of dragons, destiny, and a love that defies all odds.

Genevieve is no stranger to heartache, but ever since the dragons saved her ten years ago, she’s been content. Though it’s unheard of for a human girl to live in a dragon flight, Genevieve doesn’t mind. She has a family, scaled though they may be, and she enjoys her quiet, simple existence.

However, her routine is abruptly disturbed the day a half-dead prince is dropped into her life. 

Lionel of Vernow committed a crime against the dragons, and in order to keep peace in the kingdoms, he must pay. Genevieve would rather execute the man and be done with it, but instead, she’s tasked with his care.

Genevieve quickly learns Lionel is as prickly as a hedgehog, as surly as a mountain cat, and as stubborn as any dragon. She also discovers Lionel’s injuries aren’t limited to those of flesh and bone. There’s pain in the disgraced prince’s past—pain that calls to her own broken heart. 

In saving him, she just might save herself. But how can a wounded girl heal a wounded prince?