Greybrow Serpent


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The captain of the Greybrow Serpent is the last man Lucia’s willing to trust. But he’s the only one who can save her.

Lucia’s dreamed of finding Avery for a solid two months. In every one of her fantasies, the dashing captain has been on the deadly end of her dagger. Unfortunately, their reunion is not all she hoped it would be. The captain is back, but he comes bearing news: the Duke of Mesilca holds a grudge, and he’s set a bounty on their heads.

Now Lucia’s running from bounty hunters, partnering with a man with the morals of a snake, and forcing Sebastian to court Adeline in a desperate attempt to keep the innocent seamstress safe.

Captain Greybrow is the only one with a solid plan, one that will take Lucia into the heart of forbidden, siren-inhabited waters. But after Avery’s betrayal, can Lucia find a way to trust him again? It won’t be easy, especially when it appears the captain has yet another hidden agenda.