Meet the Characters – Greybrow Serpent Added!

Moss Forest Orchid

Age: Twenty-one

Family: Eldest of six children. Her parents are chicken farmers.

From: Silverleaf, a small village near the large city of Reshire, in the province of Reginae

Occupation: Adventuress for Hire. She takes on odd jobs for the local shoppes, searching for art, artifacts, and rare alchemy ingredients.

Business Partner: Sebastian, her childhood friend

Strength: Determination

Weakness: Handsome sea captains


Age: Twenty-one

Family: Sebastian is an only child, and his parents passed away when he was seven. He was raised by his grandfather, Lord Seldon Thane. He carries a minor title from his mother’s side of the family, and he will eventually inherit his grandfather’s far more prestigious title, along with all the family’s land and investments.

From: Silverleaf, a small village near the large city of Reshire, in the province of Reginae

Occupation: Sebastian takes on odd jobs for the local shoppes, searching for art, artifacts, and rare alchemy ingredients with his business partner, Lucia. He also assists his grandfather with their various investments.

Strength: Practical and Efficient

Weakness: Stubborn and Bossy

Trivia: Though Sebastian would never admit it to Lucia, when he was young, he often wished he was part of her large, messy family.


Age: Twenty-three

Family: Avery is the son of Captain Alexander Greybrow, a well-respected and successful merchant. He has one younger sister, thirteen-year-old Elizabetta, who lives in the city of Reshire with their grandmother.

From: Born at Sea

Occupation: Captain of The Greybrow Serpent

Strengths: Charm and Charisma

Weakness: Avery’s fond of the finer things in life, and he’s not above transporting the occasional illegal shipment to obtain them.

A Bit of Trivia: The captain has a fondness for enchanted daggers.

Adeline Card

Age: Twenty

Family: Adeline is the youngest of three sisters. Her father is the assistant head of the mage’s guild in Mesilca, and her older sisters married well due to his connections. He is currently looking for a suitable match for his youngest daughter.

From: Mesilca, the largest port city in Grenalda

Occupation: While Adeline patiently waits for her father to find her a suitable match, she works as a seamstress in her own high-end shoppe.

Strengths: Adeline is resourceful and well-mannered.

Weaknesses: She’s terrified of almost everything outside of the city.

Greybrow Serpent

Kaiu Card

Kaiu is a prince from an island in the middle of forbidden waters. Though little is known about his people, their architecture mimics that of Ellusia, and it is assumed they are descents of Ellusian explorers.





Gregory Card

Age: Twenty-nine

Family: Some say Gregory has royal connections

From: Teirn, the king’s city in Tanrith

Occupation: Mage aboard the Greybrow Serpent. He specializes in magic that isn’t altogether legal.