The Gilded Fae

Royal Fae of Rose Briar Woods

Book Two

All her life, Sabine has been intrigued by the humans—the tales of their bustling cities, busy streets, and especially their grand theaters. But as a Fae princess of West Faerie, and the kingdom’s future queen, Sabine is forbidden from crossing the bridge that leads into human territory.

When Sabine’s mother falls ill, she realizes this might be her last chance to experience all the things she’s only heard of in stories. She sneaks out of Faerie and travels to Davon, the capital of Valsta, and discovers the human world has a magic that’s all its own.

But the beauty of the city is a mirage. Dark people lurk in shadowed corners, waiting to take advantage of a young Fae woman who’s wandered somewhere she doesn’t belong. Soon, Sabine finds herself trapped in an opulent prison, caught up in a web of crime and betrayal that extends all the way into her own kingdom.

Her only hope of escape is in the hands of a human—one of her captors. Sabine is determined to win Alexander over no matter the cost, but when their battle of wills becomes a battle of hearts, neither is prepared for the consequences…

The Gilded Fae is an enemies-to-lovers fantasy romance, with a touch of angst and lots of chemistry. Each book in the series is a complete story, and although it’s best to read them in order, there are no cliffhangers.

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