The Sorceress in Training


Before Brynn took her first breath, her life’s path was already chosen. Born into a family that values tradition, at twenty years of age, Brynn is expected to travel to the College on the Mount and spend the rest of her days immersed in books—learning science, architecture, and mathematics, devoting herself wholly to her studies, forbidden from indulging in frivolities such as literature or poetry. Or love.

A week after Brynn’s fated birthday, everything is going according to plan. But when Brynn’s carriage busts an axle on the road to the college, one chance meeting with a mysterious sorcerer could change the course of her life forever. In order to escape duty—to claim her position as the sorcerer’s apprentice and avoid a life of solitude—Brynn must ask for help.

As a guard in Lord Calvin’s employ, Gavin knows his place. He’s sworn to protect Brynn and escort her to her new home. If the thought of abandoning her in the cold stone walls of the college ties a hard knot in his gut, it doesn’t matter. And if he’s in love with her? That doesn’t matter either.

Despite Gavin’s reservations, when Brynn begs the guard to see her safely to her new position in the sorcerer’s house, he’s helpless to resist. Now they’re running in the night, barreling toward an unknown future.

But soon the pair realizes they’ve made a grave mistake. Because Master Marcus is shrouded in dark secrets, and as his apprentice, Brynn is trapped right in the middle of them…