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Author PictureUSA Today bestselling author Shari L. Tapscott writes young adult fantasy and humorous contemporary fiction. When she’s not writing or reading, she enjoys gardening, making soap, and pretending she can sing.

She loves white chocolate mochas, furry animals, spending time with her family, and characters who refuse to behave.

Tapscott lives in western Colorado with her husband, son, daughter, and several extremely spoiled pets. 

A little bit of trivia:

  • Flink the Dragon (Silver & Orchids) was inspired by Gunther the Saint Bernard. He’s just barely in the picture above. See him?
  • The Glitter & Sparkle Series is available in Polish! Want to take a look at it? Type #odrobinabrokatu into Instagram!
  • Puss in Boots is one of my favorite fairy tales, and it’s why I chose it for the first book in my Fairy Tale Kingdoms series. I am also inexplicably drawn to obscure fairy tales, such as Jorinda and Joringel.
  • Two of my characters (Linus and Ivan) share names with cats I had while growing up.  Remember the gray cat Ivan owned in Wildwood Larkwing? He was based on my own Ivan.
  • I’ve always wanted a pet fox, and I was totally living out that fantasy with Danver. (Anwen of Primewood)
  • Silverton, Colorado (Just the Essentials) is a real town, and Red Mountain is an actual road. It’s the scariest mountain pass ever, and yet we go up it at least once a summer.
  • I wrote my first four novels (Pippa, Anwen, Seirsha, and Just the Essentials) on a laptop with a screen so busted, I had to move the windows around to see the area I was working on. I was so embarrassed by it, I refused to take it in public. In the middle of Glitter and Sparkle, I broke down and bought a new one. I will still look back on my days with that old, broken computer with fondness because it’s where I wrote my first published novels.

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