Anwen of Primewood


The Eldentimber Series, Book Two

Gypsies are trouble, but handsome princes might be worse. 

All her life, Anwen’s father has told her to avoid the gypsies that travel through the kingdoms of Elden, but it isn’t until Anwen is robbed and deserted by Dimitri, a handsome gypsy prince, that she is forced to accept the wisdom of her father’s words. Now Anwen must find Dimitri’s troupe and take back her family’s greatest treasure—the changeling stone.

The first place to search for Dimitri is in Lauramore, where the largest marriage tournament in over a decade is drawing in hundreds of traveling performers. While posing as a tambourine girl, Anwen meets Galinor, a melancholy prince who is having a rough month himself. After a little cajoling, Anwen convinces the prince to help her retrieve the changeling stone.

Joined by a ragtag party of royals, they set out on a seemingly simple mission, but soon the pair faces complications in the form of stolen horses, mischievous fairies, and a dark creature that stalks them through the forest. Despite the odds against them, the hardest task in front of Anwen may be tending Galinor’s broken pride—and trying not to fall head over heels for him. Because gypsies are certainly trouble, but handsome princes may be worse…

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