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Hi there, fellow sweet fantasy authors! This is where you’ll find info on sharing the giveaway, graphics to make sharing easy, and other random stuff.

First, I’m going to be honest with you all–this is the first time I’ve organized an Instafreebie giveaway, so I’m learning as I go. Don’t worry though–I’ve participated in several, so I have an idea how it should all work.

First, let’s brush up on the basic requirements, taken directly from the sign-up page:

This is an ongoing giveaway for sweet fantasy. Books must be clean, with little to no profanity. Fairy tale retellings and all forms of fantasy are welcome as long as your story is generally uplifting. Books with romance are strongly encouraged.

Submissions are open to books, novellas, novelettes, and short stories as long as they meet the above requirements. 

If you wish to participate in the giveaway, I ask you to please share it occasionally in your newsletters and social media. I know life is busy, but it’s easy to tweet once a month at the very least.

I will have a page for the giveaway on my blog, and I plan to feature one of the giveaway stories every month. If you haven’t shared, you aren’t eligible for a feature.


About featured books:

  • Book features will start November 1st, and our first feature will be The Princess and the Pea by A. G. Marshall. (Please >Contact Me< A.G., as I would like to do an interview for my newsletter and blog if you’re available).
  • If your book is chosen for a monthly feature, I will send you an interview questionnaire, and then I will share your book like crazy. I don’t have a huge following, but the readers I have are tenaciously loyal. I want them to love you too.
  • How you can improve your chance of getting a feature:
    • Make sure your blurb is superb. Gloss up that cover. Buy me Starbucks…joking. Anyway–you know the game. Also, those who are actively participating have a better shot at a feature.

About sharing–this is important, so make sure you don’t skip this section:

  • Each of you will have a unique sharing link on the giveaway info page on Instafreebie. Make sure you include it when you share the giveaway in your newsletters or on social media, otherwise I will have no way of knowing if you’ve been participating. (This is something I’m still a little murky on. In past giveaways I’ve participated in, we’ve used hashtags, but the new system looks so much easier. If you have trouble with it, please let me know.)
  • Please share once a month, in some way. It can be a simple tweet–I know we’re all busy, and some months are more hectic than others.
  • I’m planning up fun ways to advertise our giveaway (theme months and so on), which might make sharing easier. I understand readers don’t want to see the same old thing all the time. Who would?


  • You may have up to three titles in the giveaway, and you are welcome to change them out as you see fit. Just keep ’em clean, please.
  • If a reader contacts me about questionable content, I will review the book and remove it if I feel it’s necessary. Do not panic if your book has steamy kisses and fight scenes–I’m talking about on-page bedroom scenes, lots of profanity, overuse of blood and violence, seriously dark themes, or any use of that certain word that begins with “f.”

I’ll add to this as things come up, but for now, I think this should give you a good idea of how this is going to go. If you have questions, >contact me<. If you want to say hi, >contact me<. If you want to buy me coffee, definitely contact me. Again, joking. ;)

You guys are awesome. I am SO excited to participate in this giveaway with you all. Below are the graphics for sharing and directions on how to save them. I’ll update these periodically and let you know when there are new images available.

 How to Download images to your computer:

Left Click on the file of your choice and a new tab/window should open.

Right Click on the image that appears. From the context menu, select “Save image as…” (or similar phrasing depending on your browser).

Save File in a location where you can easily find it.

Basic Banner:


Banner with Author Info:






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