10 Things You Can Do Instead of Writing Your Novel

1. Watch cat videos on YouTube. Have you seen the one with the cat in a shark suit riding a vacuum cleaner? No? Well, click here for lots of joy.

2. Stare at the falling leaves outside your window.

3. Do a quick two-hour search for character names and meanings on Nameberry.com.

4. Make another pot of coffee and then clean all the cabinets in your kitchen.

5. Sketch up four or five different ideas for possible book covers.

6. Start writing a new novel when this brilliant idea just pops in your head.

7. Spend a few hours searching Spotify for writing music.

8.  Daydream about what actors would be perfect for your characters if your book was made into a movie. (Don’t pretend you haven’t done it.)

9. Write a blog post about things you can do instead of writing.

10. Read a blog post about things you can do instead of writing.

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