Coming August 31, 2017

Wildwood Larkwing Silver & Orchids, Book Three Available August 31, 2017 >>Click Here to Pre-order on Amazon for only $1.99<< (Price will go up to $3.99 after the release) “Till death do us part” might come sooner than Lucia imagined. After living her entire life on the outside looking in, Lucia has finally ventured into… Continue reading Coming August 31, 2017


Creativity Amongst the Chaos

My grandmother once told me she couldn't focus on a project unless her house was spotless. At the time, I was baffled by this statement--absolutely dumbfounded. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I am a disaster. You know that person who is so disorganized, it's painful? That's me. That's my husband.… Continue reading Creativity Amongst the Chaos


Blog Interview by M L Moos

I was recently interviewed by the fabulous M L Moos, and she posted the interview on her blog today. Check it out, and be sure to follow her on Twitter! >>Click here to go to the interview<<  


New Character Cards Added for Greybrow Serpent!

We've added new character cards to the "Meet the Characters" page on the website!     Click here to learn more about them and other Silver and Orchids characters. And remember, you can pre-order Greybrow Serpent for only $0.99. (The price will go up to $3.99 after the book releases.)


What’s that? A FIFTH Eldentimber Book?

Do you remember how I said there would be no more Eldentimber books? I was wrong. Sorry about that. The most amazing thing happened: Bran told me his story. The new king of Triblue will have his own book, and this one has the best surprise. I'll give you a hint: It starts with an… Continue reading What’s that? A FIFTH Eldentimber Book?


Coming June 16, 2017

Greybrow Serpent Silver & Orchids, Book Two Available June 16, 2017 >>Click Here to Pre-order on Amazon for only $0.99<< (Price will go up to $3.99 after the release) The captain of the Greybrow Serpent is the last man Lucia’s willing to trust. But he’s the only one who can save her. Lucia’s dreamed of… Continue reading Coming June 16, 2017


Sayin’ No to Facebook – Two Week Update

I've been Facebook free for about two weeks now, and I'm so happy with my decision to quit the social media giant. What I'm missing: Facebook Messenger - I guess I'm lazy when it comes to texting, and I'd rather type a message on my computer than write one on my phone. I really, really… Continue reading Sayin’ No to Facebook – Two Week Update


Win a Signed Special Edition Paperback & More

Moss Forest Orchid is now available on Amazon!   >>Click Here to View the Book on Amazon<< To celebrate the release, I'm giving away a signed special edition paperback of Moss Forest Orchid and a swag bag full of series goodies. To Enter the Giveaway: 1. Share a picture of Moss Forest Orchid on Instagram… Continue reading Win a Signed Special Edition Paperback & More


Social Media and Productivity

Computers are tricky little things. I have everything I need to write right at my fingertips--Scrivener, dictionary, thesaurus, and easy access to random searches. There's also time-wasting social media. I'm talking about you, Facebook. Right now, I'm active on four social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. I can get lost on Pinterest for… Continue reading Social Media and Productivity