Grace of Vernow: An Eldentimber Prequel Novelette Ebook

I’ve had a secret little project going, and I’m excited to announce it today. A prequel novelette to the Eldentimber Series will be released this summer! If all goes as planned, this ebook should be available on Amazon by July.

GraceofVernowBlog copy

Grace is a smart girl with one unwise weakness: she is in love with Lionel, the Crown Prince of Vernow. She clings to the memory of the friend from her childhood, but Lionel has grown up. He’s no longer the quiet, shy boy who had all the time in the world for the librarian’s assistant.

When Grace meets Javid, a handsome scholar that may be more than he lets on, she believes she might finally be able to let go of the love she holds for Lionel. But when Lionel feels her pulling away, he doesn’t know if he’s ready to say goodbye.

Here’s a little sneak peek (not fully edited):

The man studies me and then smiles. He’s not old like many of the other men who frequent the library’s halls—probably five or six years my senior at most.

“You’re Master Rynsten’s assistant, aren’t you?” he finally says.

I nod. It’s not a conversation I like to initiate.

“You’re a girl.”

I immediately bristle and cross my arms, preparing myself for the lecture.

He laughs softly and holds up a hand. “I didn’t mean any harm by it.”

“I’ve been apprenticing the master for seven years.”

He smiles again. It’s a nice smile—warm and friendly. “How old would that make you?”

The question takes me off guard. It seems too personal, though I suppose it really isn’t. I finally answer, “Nineteen.”

He only nods in reply, that smile still on his face. I’m about to ask him the area of his studies, but his attention moves to someone behind me. Lionel clears his throat. I turn, feeling irrationally guilty.

There’s no humor in Lionel’s gaze—not that there ever is. I frown at him. How dare he look at me like that? I waited for him for over an hour.

“Lionel,” the man says, giving the prince a deferential nod of the head.


I glance back at the man. Who is he that Lionel knows him personally?

Lionel turns, expecting me to follow him. I hesitate for a moment and then look back. “If you need anything…”

A flash of a grin spreads across the man’s face, making him quite handsome. “I’ll look for you.”

I nod, feeling a little off-kilter. Does he mean he’ll look for me should he need something? Or will he just look for me?

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