Friday Author Spotlight

I was interviewed  about Pippa of Lauramore and its upcoming sequel, Anwen of Primewood, by the very sweet Katy Huth Jones on Life is a Four-Letter Word. It was such a fun interview. I hope you check it out!

 Today I’m privileged to interview Shari L. Tapscott about her wonderful Eldentimber fantasy series, the newest of which, ANWEN OF PRIMEWOOD, is available for pre-order at Amazon!

1. I’m so impressed with the detailed fantasy world you’ve developed for your series. Did you begin with this world in mind, or did it gradually take shape as you wrote the first story?

SHARI: My goodness, thank you! Pippa of Lauramore was a last minute Camp NaNoWriMo project. About a week before July, I decided I was going to participate. It was my second NaNo, and the first one was a mess…

Read the rest of the interview here!

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