Guest Post on YA Rendezvous – How to Write a Basic Outline

Good morning! It’s finally happened; sometime overnight it decided to be autumn. We woke up to rainy skies, cool weather, and leaves scattered all over the ground. It’s about time. I’ve been impatiently waiting for cooler weather, and it’s taken its dear, sweet time to get here. When you live in Colorado, you do not expect highs of seventy-five in October. It’s just crazy.

Another thing I’m excited about this morning is a guest post I was able to do over at the YA Rendezvous blog. Take a look!

How to Write a Basic Outline:

Outlining—you either love it or hate it. I happen to love it, and I’m going to share my approach with you today.

When I was in school, outlining felt suffocating. It was like death to creativity. Nothing irked me more than a free writing assignment that required an outline—and I usually wrote one after the fact (not exactly what my teachers had in mind, I’m sure). Years later, when I was attempting my first NaNoWriMo, I decided I needed some sort of strategy to get my word count in. I wrote the major points of my book in three paragraphs and called it good. And it was pretty good. I knew the main events and the ending, and it helped a bunch. But at the end of November, my manuscript was still a mess. I knew I could do better…

You can read the rest here.

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