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January Update


January has been a busy, productive month, but I’ve already covered most of the highlights in previous posts, so I’m not going to rehash all of it today. Instead, I’m going to focus this post on my current work-in-progress.

On Monday, I promised you that I would return and talk a little bit about the fourth book in The Eldentimber Series. So that’s what I’m here to do. We’ll do this question and answer style, using questions that I’ve been receiving from readers.

Here we go!

What’s the title of the next book?

Rosie of the Wandering Gypsies.

Is it Irving’s book? Please tell me it’s Irving’s book.

Technically, it’s Rosie’s book. But…yes…Irving will be in it.

When will it be available?

We’re shooting for this September. It might be as soon as August…or it might be as late as October. At this stage, it’s too soon to tell, but I guarantee it will be out before November.

When does it take place?

Two years after Anwen of Primewood. (More like a year and a half from the last point in the book, if you want to be specific).

What familiar characters return?

Rosie returns, of course, along with Irving, Dristan, and Bran. We’ll also see Marigold, Anwen, and Galinor. And–I’m really excited about this–Grace and Javid play a huge part in this book. Lastly, Brug’s making a comeback as well. (Puzzle that one out).

What’s the story?

You’ll just have to wait and see!

Right now I’m 45% done with the first draft of the manuscript. I’m hoping to have it completed by mid-February. Originally, it should have been finished by the end of December, but we moved, and it really knocked my writing routine through a loop. I wrote Glitter and Sparkle to clear my head, and now I’m back to it, completely refreshed. Finally, everything is coming together.  I’m extremely excited about this story, and I can’t wait to get it out there.

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