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Mandatory Monday – What I’m Lovin’ This Week 02.08.16


Mandatory Monday is a weekly blog post that was originally inspired by the release of Just the Essentials.  Every Monday, I’ll share some of the things I’m loving in the current week!

Good morning! Well, the snow from last week has stuck around. It’s usually melted by now, but it’s been so cold lately, it hasn’t had much of a chance. We’re grudgingly getting used to it, but I’m still looking forward to spring.

There’s not too much new to report today. I’ve been working on fourth book in The Eldentimber Series. It’s gone through some major chances (major like I scrapped 30,000 words and started over), but it’s clicking along at a great pace now. The story line has completely changed, and I’m afraid the characters have too. I’ll write a post on the whole process once the manuscript is finished. The book will be a hundred times better for the change in direction, I promise.

All right, let’s get started on the list! Here you go, what I’m loving this week:

  • Netflix: I go through Netflix stages. Sometimes I watch it a lot, and sometimes I go weeks without it. Since we’re not really a cold weather kind of family, we stayed inside this weekend and watched movies.
  • Indoor Pool at our Local Community Center: This is a lifesaver. There is something so wonderful about swimming in the middle of winter. We ended up getting the yearly family membership last August, and it’s so worth the price. Since we moved, the pool is five minutes away. We went again yesterday afternoon, and it was lovely.
  • Greenhouse Megastore – I love this place, and though I haven’t ordered my yearly seed-starting supplies yet, I will be soon. If you’ve ever wanted to grow plants from seed (which you should–it’s fun!), check them out. They have the best prices. I’ll be starting my vegetable and flowers late this month. That means my tomatoes will be in gallon containers by the time it’s warm enough to transfer them outside, but I like to get a head start. And I’ve done experiments, the seedlings I grow myself always outperform the ones I buy at the nursery. Every. Single. Year.

That’s all for today. I’ll be posting again on Thursday or Friday, but until then, have a great week! And if you haven’t had a chance to join my Eldentimber Giveaway, there’s still time to enter.





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