Current Updates Plus New Eldentimber Novella


I wanted to let you all know that I’ve updated the “Current Projects” tab on the main website, and I’ve added the list to the bottom of the post. A few things have changed. Snow or Shine has been renamed Just the Beginning, and I’ve made some major changes to the storyline. You can read more about that below.

But the biggest thing you’ll notice is that I’ve added a new Eldentimber novella to the list. And, yes, it should be releasing sometime early next month. I was going to release it after Audette of Brookraven, but since it chronologically comes first, I decided to go ahead and get it out to you guys.

Rosie finally gets her story. It’s not the one I originally imagined, but this turned out so much better. I like it when my characters know what they’re talking about.

So here you go, an updated Current Projects list:


Rosie of Triblue: An Eldentimber Novella

  • Expected Release: June 2016 (working hard to get this out!)
  • Series: The Eldentimber Series
  • Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Status: I’ve kept this one a secret! I’m working on major edits right now, and the cover art is nearly finished. And, yes, you might recognize the title. It’s the book I started working on earlier in the year. This time, I let the characters tell me where the story needed to go. The problems I was having with it became strengths, and I really love it now.

Audette of Brookraven

  • Expected Release: 7/8/16
  • Series: The Eldentimber Series, Book 4 (Final)
  • Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Status: Almost finished! The manuscript is in the final stages of editing. Review copies are expected to be made available toward the middle of June. (If you’re interested in receiving a review copy, please check out my review club.)

Just the Beginning

(Changed from Snow or Shine)

  • Expected Release: September 2016
  • Series: Cabin. Coffee. Love.  Book 2
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy

Status: This one has taken a slightly different direction. As I was writing the story in Amber’s point of view, I decided that I didn’t want to step away from Kinsley. Just the Beginning will feature Kinsley as the main character again, and it will pick up where Just the Essentials left off. Bonus: More Jack!

The Marquise and Carabas: a Puss in Boots Retelling

  • Expected Release: Late 2016
  • Series: Unnamed at this time. This is the first of a series of novel-length fairy tale retellings I will be releasing.
  • Genre: Young Adult Fairy Tale

Status: I’ve finished the manuscript! I’ll start focusing on editing after Audette is finalized for release.

Shine and Shimmer

  • Expected Release: Early 2017
  • Series: Glitter and Sparkle, Book 2
  • Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Status: I’ve started outlining, and the story is coming together.

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