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A Few Changes

Well, after a lot of thought and some really good talks with my husband, I’ve decided to push the second Cabin. Coffee. Love. novel back. I’m going to be honest–the story isn’t working. It’s just not.

I’m very much a “mood” writer, if you will, and I’m simply not in the mood. What does that mean? The chapters I’ve written stink. Not in that way that writers sometimes think their stuff stinks because they’re too close to it. They actually are really awful.

So, what am I working on? Right now, I’m feeling the fairy tales. I’ve started outlining a new retelling, sort of a Beauty and the Beast mashed up with Little Red Riding Hood sort of thing. I’m itching to tell this story, and I will not be able to get another good night’s sleep until I get it started.

What’s the rest of the year looking like for releases? Audette, of course, is scheduled for July–no changes there. I believe I will be releasing my Puss in Boots retelling in August (name still pending). And hopefully, if all goes as planned, I’d like to have this next fairy tale out in fall with a possible novella in December.

I appreciate you all, and I love hearing from you. Your support keeps me going! I’ll be sure to update you when I know more about this next novel.


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