Coming August 31, 2017


Wildwood Larkwing

Silver & Orchids, Book Three

Available August 31, 2017

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“Till death do us part” might come sooner than Lucia imagined.

After living her entire life on the outside looking in, Lucia has finally ventured into the world of Kalae’s nobility. Now infamous for slaying several sirens in their forbidden waters, she is the king’s new pet, the courtiers’ favorite conversation topic, and the queen’s least favorite former chicken maid.

As if navigating this new world were not enough, a shadow has fallen over Kalae’s most beautiful royal city. Crime runs rampant in Teirn, alchemy supply shoppes are pillaged in the dead of night, and rumors of illicit underground masquerades abound.

On top of all that, Lucia has her own problem in the form of the pirate who stole a piece of her heart. Still-healing Avery is not content with a sliver of Lucia’s affection, not after what transpired between them on the mystery-enshrouded whirlpool island. But with a dark man stalking the adventuress, and a simple job spiraling her and Sebastian into the depths of Kalae’s criminal underworld, Lucia’s not sure if she’ll live long enough to give the captain a real chance.