Instagram Giveaway & Holiday Sale Schedule


Morning, guys! I have several things to share with you, so I’m going to hop right to it!

First, Ashleigh at TheBookClubOne on Instagram is giving away a Kindle copy of Pippa of Lauramore!


Head to her page for details on how to enter!

(While you’re there, come say hi to me as well! I post random things, like pictures of my dogs and my planner. Which is totally exciting, right? ;) You know want to check it out.)

Anyway, moving on! Here’s the rest of my holiday schedule!

December 21st – 25th


The Marquise and Her Cat

Kindle – FREE

Paperback – $6.99

December 26th – January 1st

Silver & Orchids Kindle Edition Sale


Moss Forest Orchid – $0.99

Greybrow Serpent – $1.99

Wildwood Larkwing – $1.99

Lily of the Desert – $2.99

Beginning December 25th

Entwined Tales Sale!*


December 25th – 29th

A Goose Girl – K.M. Shea – FREE

December 25th – 31st

An Unnatural Beanstalk – Brittany Fichter – $0.99

A Bear’s Bride – Shari L. Tapscott – $0.99

A Beautiful Curse – Kenley Davidson – $0.99

A Little Mermaid – Aya Ling – $0.99

An Inconvenient Princess – Melanie Cellier – $0.99

*Except for A Goose Girl, which is free for everyone, the Entwined Tales books are running on an Amazon countdown deal, so this one’s only for US and UK residents.


This post contains Amazon affiliate links. If you buy an item off Amazon after clicking a link, I will get a small percentage of the purchase. This doesn’t cost you any extra, and I appreciate the support!

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