2019 Fantasy Series Reader Poll Results!

The results are in! Read on to see what books/characters won in each category of my reader poll! Thank you to everyone who participated!


2019 Fantasy Series Poll Results

Favorite Series:

Silver and Orchids

Most Read Book:

Pippa of Lauramore

Top Three Favorite Books:

First Place – Greybrow Serpent!!!

Second Place – Pippa of Lauramore

Third Place – The Marquise and Her Cat

Upcoming Project You’re Most Excited About:

Greybrow Brothers

If I Wrote in Only One Genre for the Rest of My Career:

You guys chose adventure fantasy romance!

(This was just to see what the majority of you like the best. Don’t despair, fairy tale readers.)

Top Three Favorite Male Characters:

First Place: Avery

Second Place: Archer

(This was close! Avery was killing it, but Archer snuck up fast toward the end and almost took the win!)

Third Place: Irving

(Rigel was only four votes short of taking it!)

Top Three Favorite Female Characters:

First Place: Lucia

Second Place: Pippa

(Just like with Archer, she snuck up in the end and almost took the win from Lucia!)

Third Place: Audette

Now, for the bonus question. Are you interested in Lionel’s story?

I get a lot of emails about Lionel, but I needed to know how many of you actually want to read his story. It takes a long time to write a book, or even a novella, and I hate to take that time if the majority of you aren’t interested in what I’m working on.

I needed at least half of you to request his story to make it worth the time. I’m afraid we only got 28%. I was really optimistic in the beginning, but the numbers just aren’t there. At this time, I can’t promise this project. It doesn’t mean it will never happen, but it’s not on the agenda for the next year or two.

To thank everyone who shared their thoughts and opinions, I’ve made a bonus collection of desktop wallpaper, printable bookmarks, book soundtracks, and a two-chapter sneak peek of Crest of the Thanes: A Silver & Orchids Companion Novel.

CLICK HERE to check out all the goodies!

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