Multi-author fantasy promo & some exciting news!

Hey everyone!

First, I’m going to start with the news. Love in the City, the multi-author romcom box set I’m in, made the USA Today list! I’m walking on clouds–and so very grateful for all your support.

Okay, moving on! Forest of Firelight is in another multi-author fantasy romance BookFunnel promotion. Click here to view the promo. Every book in the promotion is listed in Kindle Unlimited, so you can read them for free with a KU subscription. I like to occasionally participate in these kinds of events because it gives you a chance to find new books, and there are some huge names in fantasy romance in this group! Please note: I know for a fact that some of these books are steamy. If you’re looking for a clean read, try Kenley Davidson’s The Faceless Mage! It’s one of my favorites, and it’s also in the promotion.

This next week, I’ll be shifting gears and going back to writing. (It feels like it’s been forever!) I’ve made a bunch of changes to Genevieve, and I’m now ready to finish the book! I’m hoping to complete it by the end of the March! (Just a reminder, I chatted with my Facebook reader group about a month ago, and they all said they’d prefer the book go directly to Amazon, so that’s the new plan.)

That’s all for today! Again, a big thank you to everyone who supported the box set!

Wishing you the best,


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