You’re Invited to the Knight from the Ashes Release Day Party!


I have really awesome news–we were able to make our original early publishing date after all! Knight from the Ashes releases this Friday!

On Friday, we’re going to do a Release Day party in my Facebook group to celebrate the start of the new series. We’ll be giving away two signed paperbacks, and I’ll set up discussion threads for the book. We’ll have some games, and it will be a lot of fun. You can join the group here.

And it is officially a party week! I’ll be hanging out in Julie Hall’s Facebook group on Thursday to celebrate the release of Unleashing Fire, the last book in her Fallen Legacies series. (The covers are absolutely gorgeous!) My spot is scheduled for 3 – 4 PM EST. Be sure to join her group today so they have time to okay your pending request! Here’s the link to her group. The event starts today, so check out the other authors as well!

I’ll talk to you again on Friday! Have a great week!

Wishing you the best,


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