A Few Belated Book Announcements & 2021 Wrap-Up

Hi everyone!

It’s been months since I’ve updated the blog, and I realized I didn’t just miss one release announcement…I missed two! I’m so sorry!

So here they are, just in case you don’t follow my newsletter or any of my social:

The Masked Fae, the first book in my new Royal Fae of Rose Briar Woods series, released on January 1st! It’s set in The Riven Kingdoms universe, and I’m hoping to write several more spinoffs in this world. Click here to view the book details on Amazon.

And the next is Forged in Cursed Flames. It released in October, and you’ve probably already stumbled on it if you read the first on Amazon. (They’re pretty good at recommending books!) If you haven’t read it…well. It’s available! Click here to view the details on Amazon.

Here’s a quick review of 2021:

  • I published five books. (Age of Auroras, Little Lost Love Letter, Genevieve of Dragon Ridge, Knight from the Ashes, and Forged in Cursed Flames.)
  • I wrote about a hundred thousand less words than 2020. I’m not super happy about that, but some years are just that way.
  • I finally made it to the NINC conference in Florida and got to hang out with a couple of my favorite author friends.
  • I wrote the very last prince’s story from Pippa of Lauramore, which means The Eldentimber Series is complete. And you know what, Lionel ended up being one of my very favorite princes. Crazy.

And here are my plans for 2022 (which could change at any time):

  • Publish The Masked Fae, Fall of the Ember Throne, The Gilded Fae, Rise of the Phoenix King, and MAYBE The Disgraced Fae. (I can check the first off the list!)
  • Write four to five books.
  • Attend 20 Books in Vegas, where I’ll hopefully be able to hang out with more of my favorite author friends!

I hope your new year is off to an awesome start! Thank you all so much for supporting my books and joining me on my adventures!

Wishing you the best,


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