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January TBR

January is my favorite month! It’s cold outside–let’s all cozy up the fire and read!

As you may know, I have signed up for several reading challenges this year. These include the Classics Challenge, the Re-Read Challenge, the TBR Jar Challenge, and my personal reading goal of 60 books (set on Goodreads).

Here are the books I plan on reading this month. I am a mood reader, so these will likely change. However, this is what I’m feeling right now.

My TBR Jar prompt this month is Read a Book That Someone Else Picks. My husband has recommended Hood (King Raven Book 1) by Stephen R. Lawhead. I have enjoyed other Lawhead’s books, but I had trouble getting through this one. We’ll see how it goes.

For my classic book, I will be reading Emma by Jane Austen.

I didn’t get to The Spirit Thief by Rachel Aaron last month like I had hoped, so I am going to try to read it now. Like I said last month, I read her book, Nice Dragons Finish Last, and I loved it!

Graceling by Kristin Cashore will go towards the Re-Read Challenge.

I’m not going to list my fifth book, because I will choose something when the mood strikes.

Happy Reading, Everyone!

5 thoughts on “January TBR”

      1. No, not a challenge, just a desire to read the classics. I started with Sense and Sensibility and fell in love with Jane Austin. Read Pride and Prejudice and really enjoyed that but I think Sense and Sensibility my favorite so far but I think it is because it is the first one I read.


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