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Bleary Eyes and Spilled Coffee

I always know when I’ve overdone the reading/writing thing when my vision starts to go blurry on me. It usually happens when I get into a really good book, and I read into the wee hours of the night. Of course, the alarm goes off at four, and I get up to make my husband’s lunch and help him get out the door.

Do I go back to sleep like a smart person? No. I pull out my Kindle and start right back on that book.

Before I had kids, this was okay. I could crash the second the book was finished. Now, especially since I homeschool, I have to be an awake, alert adult. Or at least appear to be one. That’s where coffee comes in.

This morning I realized I had taken the sleep-deprivation thing a little too far. While making the kids their morning tea, I poured coffee over the tea bags. Not only that, but instead of realizing what I’d done, my first thought was, Wow, that’s pretty strong tea to turn dark that fast.

When I did figure it out, I was so mad at myself, that I spilled some of the precious remaining coffee on the counter.

Now, as I stare at my blurry, bright, headache-inducing computer screen. I realize that besides this post, I will likely get very little writing done today. It’s time to rest my eyes for awhile.

During ‘reading’ time, I believe I will nap. You know, unless I find another good book…

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