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What I’m Working On: January


January is flying by, isn’t it? This has been a busy writing month for me.

Here’s what I’ve been working on:

Pippa of Lauramore: The final draft is in the works. I’ve finished the edits from the manuscript assessment, and now it’s with my editor getting its copy edit polish. I have finally, finally come up with a series title. This is such a relief. This will release Spring 2015. Look for the cover unveiling soon.

Anwen of Primewood: This is the second book in my fantasy series, and it picks up where Pippa’s story ends. Feedback from my beta readers is starting to filter in, and I’m continuing to work on editing. I have the tentative release date scheduled for Early Fall 2015.

Blackrook: This is a fantasy standalone with an almost steampunk feel.  It’s a lot darker than anything I’ve ever attempted, and I have to admit it’s spooking me a bit. This is good vs. evil kind of book with a lot of emotional depth. I plan on taking this one a little slower than my other novels, but I am hoping to have it released sometime next year.

Unnamed Contemporary YA: This book is in the planning/writing stages. Unlike my other books with their extensive outlines, I’m winging this one to see where it goes. For the most part I’m working on this in my free evenings when Blackrook becomes a little too heavy for me to handle.

Unnamed Third Series Book: This will be the third book in my fantasy series, and it will take place where Anwen leaves off. I’m outlining right now, and I’m so excited about this one. It’s a little more epic, a whole lot of romantic, and there are dragons. Lots of dragons.

That’s all for now!

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