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February Wrap-Up

February has been a pretty productive month. Here’s what I’ve been up to:


Pippa of Lauramore (Eldentimber 1): The manuscript went through its final edit, which meant I read it, like, fifty times at the beginning of the month. Okay, I didn’t read it fifty times. But it felt like it.

I also sent it in to have my marketing materials made, and I completed the e-book cover. Right now it’s being formatted for paperback and e-book, and soon I will have my proof copy. Next month I’ll be starting a Goodreads giveaway and hosting a few more giveaways on my blog. I’m also debating offering a pre-order package, so be looking for that.

Seirsha of Errinton (Eldentimber 3): I’m writing the rough draft right now, and I just hit the halfway mark tonight. It’s a little darker than the first two books in the series, but it’s shaping up nicely. I’m hoping to have the rough draft done by the end of March. After that I will start intensive editing on Anwen of Primewood (Eldentimber 2).

Reading Challenges:

Goodreads Challenge: I signed up for sixty books this year, and I read seven this month. Three of those books were the fabulous Lunar Chronicles. According to their chart, that puts me two books ahead of schedule, so I think I’ll be fine.

Re-Read Challenge: Honestly, I forgot about this one. I’m afraid I’ll have to catch up next month. I might re-read the Lunar Chronicles…

Classics Challenge: I am reading a very large book of classic fairy tales with my kids. I also read a Dr. Suess with my daughter, so…yeah. We’re totally going to count that.

TBR Jar Challenge: My challenge for this month was to read a non-fiction book. I did that, but I haven’t quite finished.

That’s about it for February! Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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