Just a Little Update

Summer is lovely, isn’t it? I am very blessed to able to stay home with my children, so I truly appreciate this time of year. We put away our books and our studies; they play, and I write. It’s glorious.

Last week I told you I would be working on a fantasy I started awhile ago but somehow lost steam on. I read through the whole thing, and I remember what happened. I only had a vague idea where I was headed. These last few days have been spent mulling the story over and outlining. It’s a bigger project than I had expected. I’ve decided I will fully finish the chapter outlines before July, and then I will set it aside for awhile and really let the whole thing ‘steep’. I’m happy with that decision; I don’t want to rush it and end up with a rough draft that is almost more headache than it’s worth.

In other news, Grace of Vernow: An Eldentimber Novelette is available for pre-order as of today! I’m very excited about this little book, and I think it is a nice addition to the series. If you order it now, it will show up on your Kindle July 14th!

And last, I am all set for Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve wrapped up my chapter outlines, and my character sketches are complete. I just need to think up a title. It will come to me eventually. Hopefully. Anyone remember the agony that was naming The Eldentimber Series? I hate coming up with titles. I loathe it. All’s well, though. No need to rush.

I hope you are all having an absolutely wonderful summer full of sunshine and good books! Remember, if you have any questions, or if you just want to say hi, I love to hear from you!

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