Writing update! (Plus some summer stuff)

Hi everyone! Jake and I finished up the first draft of Knight from the Ashes just in time for the weekend! We're planning to start revisions on Monday. I would like to do an early release, publishing the book in late July instead of mid-August, but we'll just have to see how it goes. Once… Continue reading Writing update! (Plus some summer stuff)


Just a Little Update

Summer is lovely, isn't it? I am very blessed to able to stay home with my children, so I truly appreciate this time of year. We put away our books and our studies; they play, and I write. It's glorious. Last week I told you I would be working on a fantasy I started awhile… Continue reading Just a Little Update

Things I Love and Other Random Stuff

Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped…In a Life Jacket

This week's photo challenge theme is enveloped. In my picture, my son is waiting for his turn on the boat, fully enveloped in his life jacket. Click here to participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge!