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Mandatory Monday & Happy Thanksgiving

Hello! I missed last week’s Mandatory Monday post because we were moving! Yes, it happened that fast. We’re here in our new house now, and we’re loving it! There are still a few things in our old house, and we have to be completely out by December 1st, but it’s mostly finished.

As I write this, there are wall decorations scattered about, waiting on the couch, counter, and table for my husband to have a spare minute or two to hang them up. Most of my kitchen is put away, but my huge stainless steel pot is in the sink, looking for a home. So it’s still chaos. Crazy, fun chaos.

So what are the things I’m loving right now?  Let’s start!

  1. My father’s huge enclosed trailer – It rained all day last Monday while we were moving furniture, and without this thing, it would have been a mess of tarps and straps.
  2. My father and in-laws – They helped us move! We wouldn’t have been able to get nearly as much done without them.
  3. The water dispenser on my new refrigerator – I haven’t had one since I lived at home with my parents, and I have to say–I’m really, really loving it! It’s the simple pleasures, you know.
  4. My new HUGE kitchen – I can’t even. It’s. Just. So. Big. My last kitchen was the size of a postage stamp. It was impossible to have my kids help me cook because no matter where they were, they were inevitably right in the way. And cooking with my husband–not a chance. So, yes, I’m loving my new space.
  5. My pups – The poor babies have been such troopers through this whole move. They did not like the new house; they did not like their new yard. They just walked around the new place, heaved themselves on the ground, sighed, and then got up and started it all over again. Not to mention that they’ve been by themselves a whole lot more than they are used to because we’ve been spending so much time at the old house moving things out. But they’re still the sweetest puppies ever, and they are doing better today since we’ve spent most of the day at home with them.
  6. Trash bags – I had no idea how much I could love a trash bag, but they are simply the handiest things. Weird, right? Well, after moving, I just adore them.
  7. New linen closet – Also a strange thing to love, but…I do. Especially since we’re not using it for linens. We’re using it for craft supplies! All of my husband’s model stuff and my soapmaking, candle, and sewing supplies have a home! A handy home! An open-the-door-and-there-it-belongs home. Before they lived in the half closet behind our closet in the master bedroom (it was a strange space).

There ya go! All the things I’m loving this week. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will probably not be back until next week because I get to cook the Thanksgiving meal this year! In my new kitchen! Yay!!!

2 thoughts on “Mandatory Monday & Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Sounds wonderful! Cannot wait to see pics and kinda wish we could be there to do Thanksgiving with you as you cook it (I would help!) :) Hope you have a great week!


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