Life & Books Update – July 23, 2022

Good morning, everyone! I hope your weekend is off to a great start. We're getting closer with the house. We have painters coming today to work on the outside trim, and Jake and I are tackling a lot of touch-up paint inside. He's also doing quite a bit of trim work, and I'm staring at… Continue reading Life & Books Update – July 23, 2022

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We Have Curtains

Today's post has nothing to do with books. As the title suggests, it's truly about curtains. I know, weird. Anyway...let's begin, shall we? You know those vertical blinds that new subdivision builders love to put over sliding glass doors? I hate them. Passionately. Since the last two houses we lived in were rentals, I wasn't… Continue reading We Have Curtains

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We Close Tomorrow -or- We Finally Got a House

Our house hunting fiasco is about to come to an end. We close on our new home tomorrow at four o'clock. Can I tell you how excited I am? (And terrified something will go wrong--though everyone has assured me that at this point we're good.) We've been crashing with our very generous in-laws for the… Continue reading We Close Tomorrow -or- We Finally Got a House

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Saturday Morning Update

Good morning! It's moving day! Sort of. You see, we have a predicament. We have to be out of our current house by the 16th of November, but we don't close until the 21st. It's looking like that date might be moved up, but it still won't give us time to get all our stuff… Continue reading Saturday Morning Update

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House Hunting & Planning to Move

It's official. We're buying a house. Where? I have no clue. That's right. We've been through dozens, but we haven't found a house yet. Well, actually, we've found three. Let me tell ya'll a little story about house hunting with Jake and Shari. The first house we fell in love with was a really cool… Continue reading House Hunting & Planning to Move

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Mandatory Monday & Happy Thanksgiving

Hello! I missed last week's Mandatory Monday post because we were moving! Yes, it happened that fast. We're here in our new house now, and we're loving it! There are still a few things in our old house, and we have to be completely out by December 1st, but it's mostly finished. As I write… Continue reading Mandatory Monday & Happy Thanksgiving