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Mandatory Monday – What I’m Loving This Week


Mandatory Monday is a weekly blog post that was originally inspired by the release of Just the Essentials.  Every Monday, I’ll share some of the things I’m loving in the current week!

This was the most fabulous weekend. Our weather was in the high 50’s and gorgeous. We went on two bike rides, two walks, and one trip to the local indoor swimming pool. It’s the best weekend we’ve had in a long time.

I needed sunshine. If you’ve been keeping up with my Mandatory Monday posts, you’ll know how tired I am of dreary weather. I don’t necessarily trust the groundhog, but I was sure excited to hear he predicted an early spring.

In other news, the fourth Eldentimber book is moving right along. I’m over a third of the way finished, and I love the story. If I stick to my writing schedule, which is fairly low on daily word count and easy to reach, I should be finished by March 22nd. Leaving plenty of time for editing, a summer release date is very attainable.

Okay, so let’s jump into this week’s essentials. Here’s what I’m loving right now!

Kroger Brand White Whole Wheat Flour – It’s hard to find a good wheat flour. It’s even harder to find a good white-style whole wheat flour. I’ve been buying an expensive brand for delicate baked goods like cookies, quick breads, and biscuits, but it just costs too much to justify. I’ve tried other brands in the past, and they never make the cut, so when I bought this bag of super cheap Kroger flour, my expectations weren’t too high. Well, guess what? It’s good. Like–it made awesome chocolate chip cookies good. (Note, I’m not a huge chocolate chip cookie fan, but my husband and kids loved them). The next big test is biscuits.

Pampered Chef Measure, Mix, & Pour – Guess what I do with this thing? It’s not make salad dressing like you might assume. (Well, sometimes I make dressing). I froth milk for lattes. Yes–I know. Another coffee thing. But I really, really love coffee, guys. Here’s what you do: add about a quarter cup of milk, pump the mixer part up and down, and in no time at all, the whole thing will be full of milk froth. Pour it in a large mug, microwave it for thirty seconds, add espresso, or in my case, 8 oz of espresso-style coffee made in the Keurig, and sweeten. It’s lovely.

Chinese Food – My husband hates Chinese food–loathes even the smell of it–so I never get it. Ever. And, right now, I’m having a serious lo mein craving. I could also use some sweet and sour pork on the side. And moo goo gai pan. And fried rice with the tiny shrimp in it. Mmmm, and egg rolls… Luckily, my children inherited my far superior taste buds (joking…no, I’m really not), so we’ll be doing Chinese takeout soon.

That’s it for today. And now I’m starving…I’m going to go scrounge for something to eat and then finish up the chapter I’m working on. Have a great week!









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