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Monday Update – Feb 29th


Mandatory Mondays are turning into Monday updates. At the beginning of each week, I’ll talk a little bit about projects I’m working on, any sales that are running, and other random stuff.

Good morning! This weekend just flew by, didn’t it? We had fantastic weather, and we had several opportunities to get together with friends and family. We also slipped a few walks with the dogs in.

I also planted four flats of seeds! I’ve already posted all of that over on my craft blog, and you can take a look if you’re interested. Let me just say, I’m very excited to garden this year. We’re trying something a little different, gardening in containers instead of in the ground, and I’m eager for the last expected frost date in our area. Since that’s in May, I have to be patient for a little bit.

Now, for some fun news. Angelica C. won the Eldentimber giveaway! Her prize is on the way! A big thank you to everyone who entered.

Okay, so here are some book updates:

  • Glitter and Sparkle will be available to advanced readers starting Wednesday! I’m offering you, as a visitor to my blog, the chance to get the book for free in exchange for an honest review posted to Amazon. If you’re interested, click the “contact me” link in the menu at the top of the page, and write me an email, letting me know you’d like a copy. This offer is only available until March 17th. Don’t be shy, I’m happy to give away copies. Reviews are worth more than gold!
  • Audette of Brookraven is 3o00 words away from the halfway point! As long as I keep writing, I believe I will reach my goal of finishing by March 22nd. Late summer release, guys. It’s looking good.
  • Snow or Shine, the second, and possibly last, book in the Cabin. Coffee. Love. Series is up next. I’m hoping for a mid-autumn release.

That’s all for today! And remember, you can get your free advanced copy of Glitter and Sparkle on Wednesday by clicking on the contact link in the menu above and writing me a quick note telling me you’d like it! What are you waiting for? Hop to it!

Have a lovely week!




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