Letter to Readers


There’s a good chance that if you’re visiting today, you found Pippa of Lauramore on Bookbub. First, I want to thank you so much for taking a chance on my book. I truly hope you enjoyed it. But I’m not going to discuss Pippa today.

What I want to talk about it is how grateful I am for you, my reader. The numbers I’ve had in the last couple of days have been staggering. A little scary, in fact. There’s always the nagging doubt. What if all these people hate my book? What if they hate me for writing it? It’s a little silly, but that fear is real.

But the chances are if you’re here, checking out my website, you probably didn’t hate it. So this is a personal thank you, just for you. You are a blessing to me and the reason I continue to do this writing thing that I love. Sometimes it’s messy; sometimes it’s hard.

But you make it worth it.

– Shari


2 thoughts on “Letter to Readers”

  1. I miss Mandatory Mondays are you going to bring it back soon? I keeps us connected to what you are writing, and when to expect the next book release.
    PS I don’t like hazelnut coffee or creamer so you still stand tall in the coffee corner.


    1. I’ve exchanged the Mandatory Mondays with the “Current Projects” tab on my website. I plan to update it about once a month, if there are any changes to post. I will also be posted those updates to the blog. The problem I ran into with the Monday Updates was that things don’t progress quickly enough to warrant weekly announcements. I will still be posting regularly, but I want to put more focus into writing :) And, yes, hazelnut coffee–never gonna happen ;)


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