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Camping Craziness

You know what’s fun? Camping.

You know what’s not fun? Packing up to go camping.

We leave tomorrow for a four-day weekend. I’ve been at this since Monday, and my brain just hurts. I’m a list maker, and I have so many unchecked things that I can’t cross off until we leave in the morning, it’s making me twitchy. I like to cross things off. I like the way the list looks when there are all those neat little lines through everything.

Also, I’m not positive we’re going to fit everything in my little Jeep. For most families, this probably wouldn’t be a problem. But I’m thinking most families don’t have this:


He’s a sweetheart, isn’t he? He’s also a giganotosaurus. He truly takes up the entire back. We can fit our cooler in with him, but that’s about it, which means we need to strap some things to the top…which makes Jake crazy. Crazy. He says we’ll look like a bunch of goobers. And I keep telling him I don’t care. Anyway.

Wish us luck. I’ll try to post some pictures when we get back!



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