Camping, Crafting, and a New Chapter of Genevieve!

Hi everyone! As promised, we're resuming our blog book today! A new chapter of Genevieve of Dragon Ridge is available now. You can jump to the new chapter here. If you're new to the Eldentimber blog book, or you missed a few weeks, start here. I finished Sea of Starlight last week! It's always exciting… Continue reading Camping, Crafting, and a New Chapter of Genevieve!

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Camping Craziness

You know what's fun? Camping. You know what's not fun? Packing up to go camping. We leave tomorrow for a four-day weekend. I've been at this since Monday, and my brain just hurts. I'm a list maker, and I have so many unchecked things that I can't cross off until we leave in the morning,… Continue reading Camping Craziness

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

This week's Weekly Photo Challenge theme is Early Bird. I love to get up early, but honestly, I'm usually sipping coffee and checking my e-mail and not walking around with my camera. I did have a few photographs to choose from, however. Here's one of my favorites. Click here to check out the weekly photo… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

Things I Love and Other Random Stuff

Hiking Colorado: Dominguez Canyon

Our family loves to get out and hike, camp, off-road, bike--pretty much anything as long as it's outside. We really enjoy hiking because it's something we can do with the dogs. It's great for them; it's great for us. We recently discovered, and it's a treasure trove of information on trails in Colorado, Utah,… Continue reading Hiking Colorado: Dominguez Canyon