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Home Update (Yes, Another One)

Remember three days ago when things looked dire on the house hunting front? Well, fear not. Once again, we have a contract on a house.

A different house. A better house. A house that will (as far as we can tell) definitely pass the home inspection. We close November 21st, so we’ll be moving in right before Thanksgiving again.

Jake got called into work, so I had all day to pack boxes. What did I do instead? I played on Pinterest all afternoon, dreaming of decorating our new home. Farmhouse style, anyone? I am now officially a Fixer Upper groupie. We don’t have cable, so I just discovered the show on Netflix. (I’m a little behind the times.)

I was so inspired, in fact, that I ended up in the garage, looking for sandpaper. I had this idea to paint an awesome roll top cabinet my dad made about twenty years ago. I just happen to have some new white paint, and it would have been FABULOUS. One little phone call to him kind of killed that idea. Ahem. (I’m not Pippa, people. I have no rebellious streak.)

Anyway. No painting today.

You might be wondering how the writing’s going (since that’s likely why you’re here in the first place). I’ve had a serious case of writer’s block, but I’m confident I’ll be feeling better once we have this house thing all settled. And I paint something white. Seriously. I cannot wait to get my hands on my new kitchen cabinets.

All right. I suppose I should attempt to get something accomplished.


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