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House Hunting & Planning to Move

It’s official. We’re buying a house. Where? I have no clue.

That’s right. We’ve been through dozens, but we haven’t found a house yet. Well, actually, we’ve found three. Let me tell ya’ll a little story about house hunting with Jake and Shari.

The first house we fell in love with was a really cool fixer upper. But after discovering some major issues–electric heat registers, a broken passive solar heating system, and a radon mitigator in the crawlspace (horrible for resale), we decided to keep looking.

Our next house was fabulous–super cute, just the right amount of rooms. Long story short, our second visit wasn’t so great. A towel rack had been ripped from the wall, there was a hole in the fiberglass shower, and lots and lots of trash in the backyard (which we didn’t get to check out the first time because the tenants had left the dogs). We were terrified what the property would look like in a month.

We actually put a contract on the third house. It was the cutest farm-style house in a fabulous neighborhood. It had some atrocious wallpaper, and the carpet needed to be pulled up, but since that’s all cosmetic, we went for it. And then there was the home inspection…

The toilet in the half bath on the main level had, at some point in time, started leaking into the crawlspace, doing some MAJOR damage. Then termites moved in. And some creepy alien fungus that I can’t even identify. The whole thing has to be completely cleaned out, and on top of that, it looks like the entire bathroom floor must be replaced. To be blunt, we don’t have time to wait for those repairs to be made. We have to be out of our current house by the 16th of November. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to the farmhouse in the great subdivision.

So now what? We’re looking at houses again tonight. And I’m starting to box stuff up. Because no matter what, we’re out of here in November.



2 thoughts on “House Hunting & Planning to Move”

  1. Hi, Shari!
    I just found your blog today. I had to tell you how much I’ve loved reading your posts & admiring your lovely book covers!
    I hope to read one of your books very soon!
    ~ ninniforlife


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