Book Updates

Here’s a quick list of book updates for you!

As always, you can check out what’s going on with my current projects by click on the “Current Projects” tab on the top menu on my website.

Shine and Shimmer


  • Release: February 7th, 2017
  • Series: Glitter and Sparkle, Book 2
  • Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Status: The book is in its final edit! Formatting should begin in a week.

Moss Forest Orchid

  • Expected Release: Spring – Summer 2017
  • Series: Games of Silver and Orchids
  • Genre: New Adult Fantasy

Status: This is my main writing project right now, and I’m loving it. Unlike my Eldentimber series, this book will follow the same two characters: Lucia and Sebastian. It’s set in a fantasy world, and it has all kinds fun fantasy elements–magic, creatures, quests, dragons, and so on. Mix all that with romance, adventure, and a handsome sea captain, and you have the first book. So far, the first draft is flying along. As long as I don’t hit any writer’s block brick walls, I can see this book releasing as early as April.

Hair of Gold: A Rapunzel Retelling

  • Expected Release: 2017
  • Series: Fairy Tale Kingdoms, Book 2
  • Genre: Young Adult Fairy Tales

Status: On temporary hold. The characters are refusing to talk to me, don’t want to work in these conditions, and are sulking at Starbucks. What can ya do?

Sugar and Spice

  • Expected Release: Autumn 2017
  • Series: Glitter & Sparkle, Book 3
  • Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Status: This is Harper’s story! I’ve finished my very basic outlining, and I’m about to dive into the fine tuning.  Lots of fun.

 Future Projects:

Please note, these are just ideas and can change at any time.

 The Knights of Lingard, Book 1

  • Expected Release: Early 2018 (at the earliest)
  • Series: Knights of Lingard – this will be an Eldentimber spinoff series featuring, you guessed it, the Knights of Lingard.
  • Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

If the Summer Lasted Forever

  • Expected Release: Early Summer 2018
  • Series: Standalone
  • Genre: Young Adult

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