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The Life of a Writer

It’s happened, guys. I have no makeup on and I’m barefoot, wearing yoga pants, a tank top, and this really comfy, long T-shirt cardigan thing. On a Wednesday. I’ve officially joined the lazy writer’s club (let’s meet at Starbucks next week, yeah?).

Now, so ya’ll don’t think I’ve completely lost it, I have showered and (kinda) done my hair. But still, yoga pants.

Anyway, writing full-time is a crazy gig. You attempt to put yourself on a schedule, you try to make those creative juices flow at regular times…but that doesn’t really work. Add homeschooling into the mix, and there’s a whole lot of crazy going on. Lately, I’ve been serious about writing, too (I’m always serious, but now I’m serious serious, if you know what I mean). I lost several months in the house-buying madness that was September, October, and November, and I’ve been trying to make it up.

Mission accomplished. I wrote 65,000+ words in January. The plus is because I dabbled on a few side projects at the same time. I didn’t sit down to add that all up before I started this post (like that was going to happen).  I’ve officially named my next fantasy series (you can check it out in current projects), and the cover is in the works. And can I tell you how excited I am about that cover? I am chomping at the bit, waiting, waiting, waiting for the mockups. Please hurry, wonderful designer people!

Anyway, I’m hoping to have the second book done before the first one releases. I have about a thousand more words to write today, and then I think me and these yoga pants will go for a run. Ha, ha, ha–just kidding. We’re gonna take a nap. (Actually, I will probably end up on the treadmill, but doesn’t that nap sound delightful?)

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